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Dieting’s Allure

tape measure by Pink Sherbet on flickrAnother New Diet…

You’ve heard it time and time again, the diet that will cure all your body weight related concerns. You also know that the diets you have tried in the past did not work because you are looking at yet another one to come to the rescue. So what’s the allure, why even go there?

Because it is plain old exciting! The thoughts of a new body, gaining control over a big part of your life, the new self respect. These thoughts can be as exciting and adrenaline producing as drugs. Could it be you have become a “new diet” junkie?

The search for a life inside a new diet book is as empty as any other addiction, you simply cannot get enough of what you don’t need. The craving is for something deeper and more intrinsic to you as a human being than a new set of rules, that often go against your natural rhythms, to bring you into a socially acceptable weight for just a little while. If the last one kept you in sync with your body you would not be surfing the web for yet another new diet to save you or fill you or relieve you in some way.

There is so much information available to the general public about weight loss, dieting, eating healthy and weight gain that you could probably write your own diet book right now. So again what is the allure, why even consider that someone outside yourself knows more about what you should and shouldn’t be eating? Basic nutrition and wellness information is readily available in many places and you will want to know the basics about how a human body operates. After that you will have to look to yourself for the answers because it is not just about the food and your energy expenditure.

Are you doing any of the following on a regular or on-going basis ?

  • overeating
  • binging
  • restricting
  • under exercising
  • over exercising
  • using laxatives
  • using diuretics
  • purging
  • otherwise being obsessive or compulsive about your weight

If you have some of these behaviors and before you buy yet another diet plan or program take some time to discover your self, your life, your relationships to see where you are getting your needs met and where you may be lacking the enjoyment and intimacy you may desire.  You are so much more than your body and knowing who you are will go a long way in naturally doing things that support your body and life as a whole.

When the new diet book is finished, the first few weeks or months are past and the allure of the high is waning the old and familiar feelings of dis-satisfaction and boredom may creep in because you can only continue with will power alone for so long.  The weight loss first may stop then weight begins to gain at possibly a faster pace than ever before due to a lowered metabolism caused by calorie restriction. When weight gain happens thoughts of a new body, gaining control over a big part of your life, the new self respect disappears and you have set yourself up to start the cycle all over again.

Consider taking a break from the ball and chain of dieting and having to be dissatisfied with your body because it does not look like the magazine models or your neighbors for that matter. Consider your body as unique and look inside to see what is really needed for your health and enjoyment of life. Consider those things needed as self -care and go out and do them….you know what to do… you really do.

Leave your thoughts on self care and the allure of diets in the comments section and let your voice be heard!

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